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IITTSS.org Announcement: Call for papers for publication

Special Issue in J ISAS on Principles and Advances in Endoscopic Percutaneous MIS spine surgery

Dear Fellow MIS Surgeons:

I have proposed, and have been given the green light to put together a special Issue in J SAS, the official Journal of ISASS for Hansen Yuan, M.D. editor in- chief of the Journal. This will be a special issue only on MIS spine surgery. The Journal is expected to be listed in Pub med and your article will be part of peer reviewed literature. Acceptance is not guaranteed, as it will have to be reviewed by at least two reviewers with input from me and Dr Yuan. The world is migrating to MIS surgery, but it has different meaning to many surgeons touting their practice as MIS. Payers are requiring evidence based literature to justify insurance re-imbursement. It is necessary to publish our work in a rigorous manner to validate what we know works.

I have reached out to some of you already because of what I know of you and what you have accomplished in practice and by your publications. Each of you either have extensive experience (very important) or have championed MIS surgery in your country and world wide.

I am inviting and reminding you to write write a publishable paper under the peer reviewed guidelines of the J ISAS, whose format is rigorous, and used by such prestigious Journals as SPINE.

I have spoken to many of you various MIS spine meetings this year. You were approached because I felt your topic and work would be good for the special issue. I specifically want to emphasize percutaneous, endoscopic techniques that is at least equivalent or superior to current techniques utilized by our traditional colleagues. This MIS approach is under reported in the literature. It is important that an organization such as ours step up and be heard. Our members are part of a whos who of MIS spine surgeons and pain physicians from your respective countries recognized by your peers.

Im sure I missed someone deserving to be on the contact list. Please let me know if you need some guidance on the type of article I am looking for, or simply submit your papers to JISAS. If you specifically like your article to be considered for the special issue, submit it as such and Jonny Dover will identify the submission as one that is earmarked for special review. I would be receptive to receiving your name as well, even though your paper will be reviewed and graded anonymously. I have taken the liberty of outlining a list of subject matter determined to be important in validating what we stand for in the world of Evidence based medicine (EBM). Level II - III articles are desired, but some level IV and V papers will be considered. While while adhering to EBM principles, I expect that we will also represent disruptive technologies and techniques that may be not yet recognized, butcrying for other means to validate what we do. EBM will be used as a guide, but other means of evidence can be used for this issue.

I have seen good papers that claim too much, or which is so comprehensive that the message is lost. Please focus of what should be imparted and avoid a review article or a review of the literature, but stick specifically to the area of your expertise. Have enough cases for a minimum 2 year follow-up.

From subject matter already published or presented in international meetings and supported by multiple centers, I have produced a list of subject matter that I will use as criteria for inclusion in this special issue that can be used as reference by colleagues wanting to advance their own techniques and by payers to accept the procedures as valid, appropriate, cost effective, and beneficial for our patients. I am soliciting articles from the initial list below.

Each clinical article should be backed at least by the extensive experience of the author using the art of medicine and validated by science and backed by the number of cases with 2 year follow-up using validated by accepted measurement standards.


1. The patho-physiology and patho-anatomy of spinal pain Hadjipavlou, Rauschning

2. Diagnostic and therapeutic tests for discogenic and axial back pain A Yeung, S Gore

3. Comparison of different MIS techniques in decompression and stabilization ie. Posterior, posterolateral, foraminal, lateral, anterior Chris Yeung, Joint article from Amendia (WmTalley and J Katzell and nominee)

4. The different methods of decompression: ie, posterior, posteriorlateral, foraminal, lateral, anterior Jean Destandeau, Kai Lewandrowski, Martin Knight, Frank Phillips

5. The Pearls, Pitfalls and complications for each technique All contributors

6. Rationale for various hybrid treatments All contributors

7. Cost analysis of the MIS technique ( compare qualys)

If you have a paper that you want considered that is not part of the outline, ie biologics, Please feel free to submit it. Those articles not selected to be included in the Special issue will be placed for review for the regular Journal.

Specific Inquiries about the format can be found on the Journal website or addressed to Jonny Dover, the managing editor.

Before writing the paper, If you want more guidance , you may contact me by e-mail, ayeung@sciatica.com. Any paper not chosen for the special issue can still be published in J SAS in a different issue.

Mr. Mijat marko is also available to help me keep up with the project. His e-mail is mijat.marko@sciatica.com

Preliminary list of Targeted contributors

Anthony Yeung USA ayeung@sciatica.com

Chris Yeungcayeung@yahoo.com

Wolfgang Rauschning Sweden rauschning@quicknet.se

Alex Hadjipavlou Greece ahadjipa@yahoo.com

Satish Gore India gore@vsnl.com

Said Osman USA gotoaila@gmail.com

Sang Ho Lee / Gun choi and Wooridul nominees Korea choigun@wcmisst.org


Martin Knight England mknight@spinalfound.u-net.com

Jean Destandeau jean.destandeau@wanadoo.fr

Tom Hoogland Netherlands tomhoogland@hotmail.com

Sebastian Rutten Germany ruetten@orthopain.de

Zhou Yue China happyzhou@vip.163.com

Xifeng Zhang China xifengzhang301@yahoo.com

Akira Dezawa Japan adezawa@med.teily-u.ac.jp

Togay Santana Turkey tolgay@doctor.com

Jorge Ramirez Columbia jramirez@yahoo.com

Roberto Cantu Mexico

Ernani Abreu Brazil ernaniabreu@terra.com.br

Eduardo Baretto

Pil Choi Brazil pilsunchoi@hotmail.co

Rudi Morganstern

Jeff Katzell,

William Talley, etc


Jim Yue

Doug wardlaw

Phil Yuan psyuan@aol,com

S Rajasekaran


Message From The Executive Director

September 13-15, 2013

The 26th Annual IITS meeting in Seoul was a resounding success thanks to President Gun Choi, the Program Committee, the Invited speakers, and the hospitality and pre-and post meeting surgical observation program of Wooridul’s Gimpo hospital. Over 200 attendees were present, and discussion was robust. It was apparent that MIS transforaminal and translaminar surgery has made great strides.

Each part of the Meeting , the lectures,  and the workshop, was impressive independently, but the ability to watch LIVE surgery , illustrating the surgical indications and effectiveness of the MIS procedures performed by Wooridul, solidified how far we have gone in the past 10 years.

Important changes to the bylaws of IITS were enacted at the IITS 2013 meeting.

  1. The IITS name was changed to IITTSS, the International Intradiscal and Transforaminal Therapy Society. It’s website is now IITTSS.org.
  2. The home base of the 501(c) 3 organization has been transferred from Wisconsin to Phoenix Arizona.
  3. The president will now serve for two years. The first Year as host to the Annual Meeting, and the second year as President of the IITTSS section of the World congress. Therefore, Dr Choi will remain President of the IITTSS section at the World Congress in Paris in 2014.
  4. The President Elect for 2015 is Dr Satish Gore. He will start organizing IITTSS 2015.
  5. We will institute dues for active members. Committee members will be selected initially by the executive committee consisting of The president, president elect, executive secretary and the two past presidents from paid members.
  6. Dues were set at $250.00 annually or $1,000 life time.
  7. Dues payments can be made to a paypal account set up in the www.IITTSS.org website
  8. Paid members will be eligible accept committee assignments, run for office, and to attend the next IITTSS meeting at no extra cost. A sign up sheet has been set up. Even if you had given me your calling card at the IITS meeting in Seoul, Please sign up again and provide us with your updated e-mail on the website
  9. Inquiries will be handled by Marko Mijat, executive secretary at marko@sciatica.com


Please visit the website for updates on workshops sponsored by IITTSS through out the year.

Anthony T. Yeung, M.D.

Executive director


2013 IITS Conference and Workshops - September 13-15, Seoul, Korea visit www.iitskorea.com )


Fourth Hands-On Workshop will be June 13-15, 2013

The Fourth Comprehensive Surgical Pain Management and Endoscopic Transforaminal Surgical Access Workshop: Featuring The YESS Technique* and Complementary Technique (For more information about YESS technique visit www.sciatica.com )


Program starts with introductory lectures on Thursday morning, June 13 at 7:30am and ends on Saturday afternoon, June 15 at 5pm - (program in process of being finalized)


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